Frederic Viñals i Yscla
january,6 de 1913 - january,22 de 2012

Barcelona, Barcelonès

Autodidact. Began its activities in the thirties, being related to the artistic centers and groups Poblenou, Sant. Martí de Provençals, Sant Andreu .

Even then it was fixed his artistic personality and his strong inclination for landscaping, so who he tried to pleinairista style directly influenced by impressionism.
Usually participate in contests and group exhibitions and seventies exhibited regularly individually.

(Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana)

The painter Frederic Viñals has always been said to be self-taught, but this does not mean that he had no training, on the contrary. Throughout his life he followed masterpieces (Llotja, Sant Lluc, personal influences of Mir, Calsina, Francesc Serra, Pere Marra, Frederic Lloveras, etc.) that interested him and allowed him to improve his expressive abilities. But he never made a living from painting, which was the main source of income.

I would rather say that he was one more example of those who escaped a possible and brilliant artistic career during the Civil War.

He exhibited, visited many art galleries, painted a lot throughout his life, but never moved through the artistic circles of the time, with the exception of the Royal Artistic Circle. He was known, valued, but not part of the public and published world of Catalan painting of his style and his time.

Attached to the Catalan landscape school, in his wide impressionist range, he achieved a remarkable technique and sensitivity in the shaping of light through color, which we can admire in this sample of his work.

Pep Vinyals, Barcelona.